Our Values are What Make us Unique.

 We believe that well-being and mental & physical health are the main foundations for a persons ability to develop – both children and adults

* we provide opportunities and experiences for all children to enjoy – and firmly embed an inclusive ‘ethos’ where children feel emotional and socially secure

* we promote children’s enthusiasm for knowledge and learning and to develop a confidence in their own abilities through ‘I Can’ attitudes.

* every child has a voice and we as Practitioners listen to, promote and provide their choices, thoughts, ideas and experiences.

* we encourage independent thinking, creativity and problem solving – and learn about their environments and communities.

* we explore and celebrate different cultures, faiths and religions

* we understand feelings, emotions, health and well-being through dedicated group activities.

* we give opportunities for all children to communicate in a wide range of ways, and   enable them to learn how to co-operate and work harmoniously alongside others.

* our robust Key Worker & Buddy system ensures children’s interests and   progression through the Early Years Foundation Stage is individually tailored   to their needs and next steps.

* we build trusting relationships with Parents, Families and Carers by providing   regular two-way information is regularly encouraged through our Parents Meetings,   Stay & Play sessions and Open Days. – as well as our Tapestry on-line Learning Journals.

* our super friendly team are dedicated, experienced and passionate about what they   do – fully providing good role model practices while delivering ‘best practice’   procedures.

*  our in-house catering ensures menu’s are fresh, healthy and balanced and that all   dietary needs are met – children have regular opportunities to cook, learn where   food comes from as well as grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs.